Higher Education Customer:
Emergency Repair

School systems depend on data and their electrical systems to keep them running. When a water pipe bursts, causing equipment to malfunction and threatens to cause a prolonged outage, it’s a big deal and something that needs addressed as quickly as possible. Finding what is causing the malfunction and executing a solution quickly turned what could have been a major issue into a manageable speedbump.

Business Issues

A water pipe burst caused electrical equipment to malfunction and the customer could not get the breakers to close.

  • Needed knowledgeable technicians on-site quickly to limit the amount of downtime
  • Needed to know what was causing the malfunction so it could be fixed
  • Minimized damage to equipment and injury to employees

Solutions Provided

HVM technicians troubleshooted the problem, provided a plan of action and executed the solution.

  • HVM had two technicians on-site within a few hours of receiving the call from the customer.
  • They evaluated the issue and, with their technical knowledge, determined what was causing the breakers to not close.
  • The technicians implemented their plan and successfully closed the breakers.

Project Results

The malfunctioning breakers were fixed and closed within a couple hours of HVM being on-site, and the customer could return to business as usual.

The customer was so happy about the quick response time of the HVM team that they asked the sales engineers to return and retrofit the three breakers to reduce the chance of future issues.

The HVM team was able to pick up the breakers, clean them, retrofit them, and return the units to the customer, having them fully back online, in less than a week.

The customer was impressed with the response time and solutions provided by HVM and plans to continue using them for future projects.

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