Distribution Facility Customer:
Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing is crucial when starting up new electrical equipment to make sure the entire system is built correctly and will work as expected. Catching problems and making corrections during acceptance testing, prior to energization, will save you more costly repairs in the future.

Business Issues

A pharmaceutical distribution facility needed to get new equipment installed and online.

  • Customer needed new equipment online quickly to meet urgent need for products.
  • Customer requested acceptance testing along with new fault current, short circuit and coordination studies as well as an arc flash study.
  • Incorrect equipment was sent from the manufacturer, which needed removed, replaced and retested.

Solutions Provided

HVM technicians quickly found that the wrong breakers were installed. They adjusted their schedules to come back after the new breakers arrived to complete the work and still turn the project around within the customer’s already tight timeline.

  • When HVM technicians discovered the wrong main breakers were installed, they alerted the customer who had the manufacturer deliver the correct breaker the next day.
  • The new breakers required different test equipment which HVM was able to have shipped overnight from our office to complete the test again the next day.
  • The HVM technicians helped the customer select the right equipment and accessories for the new breakers.
  • Test results were needed in a very quick turnaround to get AHJ/Inspector approval, which HVM was able to accommodate.

Project Results

The equipment was ultimately installed with the correct breakers and tested in time to be approved by the AHJ/Inspector. An arc flash reduction switch was also installed, and an updated coordination study was completed to reflect the changes.

The customer was extremely impressed with the knowledge and flexibility of the HVM team and plans to use them again for future projects.

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