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August 1-3, 2022, Columbus, OH – Hosted by the Energy Forum (ENERUM).
High Voltage Maintenance (HVM) and Electrical Reliability Services (ERS) are Gold Sponsors and will be exhibiting at ENERUM 2022. The forum provides an integrated framework for understanding what's ahead for our energy markets, geopolitics, and technology. The event brings local, state, and national leaders together to give insight, generate new ideas, and develop solutions to the challenges we face today and in the future.

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Ensuring Power Reliability Through DC Power Maintenance

This presentation will address DC power maintenance, system technology, and how to mitigate battery failure and power interruption.

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DataCenter World Conference
Austin, TX
March 28-31, 2022

CleanPower 2022
San Antonio, TX
May 16-20, 2022

NFPA Conference & Expo 2022
Boston, MA
Jun 6-9, 2022

ENERUM 2022 – Energy Forum
Columbus, OH
August 1-3, 2022

IAEI Southwest/Northwest Sectional Conference
Spokane, WA
September 11-15, 2022

Solar Power International Conference
Anaheim, CA
September 19-22, 2022

IAEI Southern Sectional Conference
Savanna, GA
October 9-12, 2022

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